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From a Fresh Foundation for a Nation to Creating Successful Social Businesses

 - Dec 31, 2015
These talks about hope are perfect to review as we leave 2015 behind and enter into 2016. The last year was a difficult one for the world in many respects, from terrorist attacks to devastating natural disasters. These talks about hope discuss how you can move beyond fear as an individual, company, country and global community.

Former Lieutenant General Romeo Dallaire speaks to an audience of empowered youth about humanity-shaping generations. The revolution speech explores human rights violations and the necessity of young people to take a stand by leveraging technology and joining non-governmental organizations. President Barack Obama, who was elected on the promise of hope, emphasizes the importance of education and the hope community college can bring for families and people on a more local level. Meanwhile Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage discusses personal confidence and optimism.

Despite challenges, it is important for young people in particular to be hopeful about the future and look to business to solve societal problems.