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Marquis Cabrera's Foster Care Speech Offers Hope to Youth

 - Jul 12, 2014
In his foster care speech, Marquis Cabrera discussed how his personal experience motivated him to transform the foster care system. The speaker founded an award winning social enterprise to ensure all kids have access to the American Dream. He used the BIB methodology (which takes a concept from an idea to a reality, allows people to gain traction and change the world) to create a successful social business.

The foster care speech shares how in college Cabrera discovered in order to succeed we need to care about not just ourselves, but about the people around us. He was successful in school because there was genuine camaraderie and care for the success of everyone in the group. After graduating he wanted to learn more about foster care system that many, including himself, were forced into. He drops several shocking statistics about foster kids, like 50% graduate high school, 3% graduate college and 66% spend time in jail, are homeless or die by the age of 19. So instead of becoming an attorney, he founded the social enterprise to help foster kids beat the odds and be productive citizens.