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From Using Defeat to Succeed to Innovation-Encouraging Environments

 - May 1, 2016
These talks about failing carry many lessons for entrepreneurs as well as motivational advice for anyone in any industry or profession. A fear of failure is something that holds many back, especially when it comes to creative endeavors or launching new ventures. Leveraging this fear is often part of the success story.

In his talk about business strategy, Knut Haanaes theorizes on why companies fail. His innovation keynote states it is about finding a balance between expiration and exploration of ideas.

The JK Rowling speech discusses the benefits of failure. Failing is an important lesson for many, as it builds character and an inner sense of self. The author shares many of her past failures and how she overcame them. Astronaut Tim Gibson shares his journey of using defeat to succeed. He talks about failing and explains how his unrealized dream of being a pilot led to a greater adventure.