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From Hyper-Local Media to Transparency in Publishing

 - Jul 27, 2013
With social media taking over, it is easy to forget about traditional media -- which still does exist -- and these speeches on the media offer a variety of narratives on its current role and space in modern society. While some of these speeches do touch on some social media, the content largely focuses on traditional media.

The speech by Steve Rubel is particularly interesting as it identifies the new challenges between the media and marketing. The biggest problem he identifies is how blended and merged the two are becoming. It is almost impossible these days for some people to identify what is editorial content and what is marketing.

Alisa Miller's speech reveals shocking statistics American news consumption. Her speech explains how the majority of news stories run on networks in the country are national stories. Americans are essentially sheltered from the outside world and its happenings because of networks' exclusively national coverage.

Jane Pratt, a journalist with extensive experience both in traditional and new media, believes that success still boils down to one component: quality. There is no strategy or marketing campaign that can transform a publication.

These speeches on the media shed light on its evolution within today's fast-changing times.