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From Challenges of Morality to the Faults of Moral Code

 - May 3, 2013
The origins of morality, its effects on social behavior and its modern challenges are discussed in this carefully curated collection of speeches on morality.

One speaker who is featured here twice is Jonathan Haidt, a psychologist who studies morality. His first speech discusses the blindness one's morality creates. He explains how morality brings people together, but it also creates a great divide because individuals are unable to understand different opinions and perspectives because of their deeply rooted beliefs and morals. His other speech demonstrates how the human mind is designed to align with like-minded individuals and then to divide against others, resulting in every individual believing his or values take precedence. The divergence in opinions of humans is deeply rooted in human evolution, and if more people acknowledged this, Haidt believes there would be more peace.

Also featured here is behavioral economist Dan Ariely. His speech presents research that indicates humans are more likely to act immorally or morally based on the behavior of those around them.