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From human Rights as Gay Rights to the Unfairness of Justice

 - May 23, 2014
These speeches on human rights spotlight a number of very familiar faces in the race towards human justice as well as some new faces. Discussing human rights for men, women, members of the LBGT community and children, these speeches offer positive and empowering solutions and strategies for making the world a safer and more just for everyone.

The speech by Hillary Clinton examines the discrimination faced by members of the gay and lesbian communities across the world. She powerfully argues that gay rights are human rights and that any excuse rooted in religious belief violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Melinda Gates examines the ways empowering young girls and women in Africa can have huge effects on advancing human rights everywhere. Breaking one cycle of injustice in breaking them all.

Bryan Stevenson opens his audiences eyes by revealing that some of the world's biggest injustices exist in the wealthiest countries such as the United States. His speech focuses on American Justice system and its growing list of flaws.

These speeches on human rights are both inspiring and at times disheartening as they represent just how far we still have to go.