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From Concise Email Communication to The Benefits of Social Media

 - May 29, 2014
This collection of speeches on emails discusses a number of issues related to the topic. From concise email communication to its inherent disruptive qualities, these carefully curated talks will change the way you see and interact with this everyday technology.

The candid speech by Jason Fried expresses his disdain for the overuse of emails in work environments today. He sees them as a serious distraction. He argues in favor of offices implementing time-blocking that permits employees to be excused from answering their email for an afternoon. He firmly believes in this as a strategy for increasing productivity and the quality of work.

While Amanda Congdon's speech mostly focuses on the benefits of social media, she does take some time to acknowledge her belief that emails are not nearly as personal as actually making a call. If brands really want to get their messages across to a large audience, sending out a Tweet or a mass email simply will not cut it.

Lastly, the speech by Ricky Van Veen states that email is slowly losing its relevance in the online sphere as social media networks are taking over.