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From Non-Invasive Surgery to the Mysteries of Modern Cosmology

 - Apr 18, 2013
This collection of science speeches explores a variety of fascinating topics that fall under the umbrella of modern science including astronomy, mathematics, robotics, nuclear energy and medicine. From scientific innovation keynote speeches to presentations breaking down research and discoveries in health care, these talks offer accessible information about our changing world.

Scientist and household name Bill Nye is featured here with four talks during which he discusses the importance of educating students on science. He believes the most effective way to teach students science and to have them truly understand is by drawing parallels using comedy.

Also featured here is Michio Kaku, an American theoretical physicist who offers engaging narratives on evolution, the future of humanity and how the brain functions.

Nathan Wolfe's keynote on preventing pandemics also warrants a mention as he shares the work of his organization the Global Viral Forecasting Initiative. He dedicates his career to tracking viruses such as AIDS back to when they first originated. He and his team of researchers aim to prevent similar diseases from spreading to humans by isolating infections in animals.

These science speeches cover a long list of topics, but all provide valuable takeaways on the ways our world is changing and affecting humanity.