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Stewart Brand’s De-Extinction Speech Plans to Bring Animals Back

 - Mar 14, 2013
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This de-extinction speech by Stewart Brand introduces plans of successfully bringing extinct species back to life and reintroducing them into nature. According to Stewart, scientists have already had slight success with de-extinction techinques, but nothing on a large scale.

A fascinating project that Stewart talks about includes inserting the genomes of an extinct bird into the gonads of a chicken to be birthed. The problem is that they won’t have appropriate parents, but he says that birds are hardwired and can be taught by its closest ancestor.

Stewart finishes his de-extinction speech by telling the audience that these projects have been discussed in private and he asks them if they want extinct species back. To his wonder, the audience reacts very positively. Thanks to Stewart, it looks as though planet Earth will be able to enjoy long forgotten species.