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From Embracing the Unknown to How Crisis Evokes Serenity

 - Mar 26, 2013
This collection of thoughtfully curated speeches features a variety of business and innovation keynote speakers discussing the reasons to make mistakes. CEOs, managers and experts are often distracted by the need to plan and execute carefully calculated decisions. This behavior, however, can act as an obstacle to discovering revolutionary ideas and breakthrough innovations.

World-famous author J.K. Rowling argues that failure alone is responsible for her incredible career with the Harry Potter series. To reach one's full potential -- in life and in business -- one has to truly know themselves and this simply cannot happen without failure.

Founder of Dell Computers Michael Dell believes that a lack of failures reflects an unwillingness to take risks. Taking risks and making mistakes is the only way to truly learn, innovate and grow.

From understanding yourself better to creating an environment in which a company can flourish, these speeches offer valuable and convincing reasons to make mistakes.