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These Speeches Discuss the Future of Architecture

 - Aug 22, 2013
These presentations on architecture examine new technologies, types of architectural design and eco-friendly architecture. The environment has become a big concern, so many of these speeches discuss eco-friendly methods of building. Others discuss the future of architectural design.

Neema Mgana talks about society-enhancing designs in her architecture speech. Mgana discusses a medical facility that she is building in Tanzania, and explains the impact that design can have on a society.

Robert A.M. Stern architecture innovation keynote discusses new technology used in architectural design. While he acknowledges that this new technology has created new architectural possibilities, he personally prefers old techniques.

Michael Green discusses reducing green house gas emissions by building with wood instead of concrete and steel. He says that building materials are taking their toll on the environment, and wood can be just as strong, and reliable.

These presentations examine different methods of architectural design and explore the future.