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These Speeches Explore the Benefits of Having a Positive Attitude

 - Jul 31, 2013
This collection of speeches on positive thinking will appeal to a wide range of people. Having a positive approach to business and to one's personal life can often lead to success. These speeches explore the upsides and downsides to consistently keeping a positive attitude.

Speaker Jenn Lim discusses the power of positivity in her keynote about sustaining happiness. Lim uses her personal experiences to highlight the effect that positive thinking can have on one's business and personal life.

Oliver Burkeman takes an unlikely stance on the effects of positivity, claiming that having a negative outlook can actually be more beneficial. He claims that constantly bracing for the worst outcome can make people less subdued by their failures.

Speaker Tali Sharot encourages finding a balance between positive thinking and realistic expectations. She explains that when people let optimism stop them from considering the potential for failure, it becomes harder to deal with disappointment. However, Sharot does acknowledge that people with a positive attitude are often happier than those who are consistently pessimistic.

These insightful speeches examine the effects of a positive approach in the workplace and at home, from a number of different angles.