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From Pop Culture's Role in Learning to Mindless News Coverage

 - May 14, 2013
These pop culture speeches go beyond celebrity and social media addiction and offer insightful discussions and conversations on how popular culture plays a role in education, the media, the economy and business.

Easily the most standout speech from this collection is one by Malcolm McLarent, the manager of the iconic Sex Pistols. He believes that integrating pop culture into the education system is crucial to educate students on failure and success. He argues that modern pop culture is too fixated on the personal lives of celebrities as opposed to their professional careers, and as a result, glorifies stupidity. He hopes to see authentic pop culute -- modern and historic -- incorporated into the educations system as a way to educate students on creativity and the notion that success does not come over night.

Yahoo! News national correspondent Virginia Heffernan explains that culture is so fascinating because it never moves in a straight line. Her speech explores the modern fascination with the popular television series 'Mad Men.' The show satisfies society's cravings for elements of its past. This craving exists as result of technology streamlining the world's everyday tasks.