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From The Importance of Individuality to Recession-Proof Employment

 - Jul 24, 2012
As is demonstrated by these speakers discussing non-linear career strategies, the path to a successful and fulfilling career is very different today than it used to be. The idea that a student must attend university or college, graduate on track and land the dream job immediately after graduation is outdated and unrealistic.

The successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, students and senior-level executives featured here offer new perspectives on what it means to achieve satisfaction and fulfillment in one's career and the steps to get there. These speakers emphasize the importance of staying true to one's passions and interests. The likelihood of succeeding at something is much higher when an individual's interests are deeply invested in it.

Jenny Blake -- a former senior-level employee at Google -- and Charlie Hoehn -- a self-made marketing specialist -- both strongly believe in the importance of people exercising their freedom to explore different options and possibilities in the career world. Achieving success and fulfillment is more likely to occur when an individual isn't hung up on moving up the corporate ladder.

These non-linear career strategies highlight the value in trying out new things, exploring options and removing the pressure to adhere to a career schedule that is no longer relevant in the world today.