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From Customer Obsession to Loyalty-Encouraging Leadership

 - Mar 26, 2014
This speeches on modern leadership are a strong representation of the evolution of a leader or manager. The workplace is almost unrecognizable from what it was ten, twenty and fifty years ago. Not only have the positions requiring a leader transformed, but the actual group of individuals requiring one have dramatically changed. Women occupy a huge portion of offices and companies today, whereas they were only let in the door to work as a secretary in the past.

The modern leader is no longer someone who sets the agenda, lays out a team's objectives and who checks in periodically to ensure everything is on track; the modern leader is someone who dedicates time, energy and effort to developing employees, mentoring team mates and inspiring an organization.

Blair Sheppard describes a modern leader as the person who isn't afraid to take chances, to embrace change and to usher a team into the unknown. A contemporary leader will confidently tackle new challenges and welcome new ways of thinking.

Listening, according to Tom Peters, is the most valuable asset of today's leader. It is imperative for a leader to listen to each and every employee and team member. Listening is the only way to understand the perspectives of people at different levels of the business.

Modern leadership is continuously evolving, but as these keynotes show, today's leader is open, inspirational and aware.