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From Biological Tissue Printers to Non-Invasive Surgery

 - Mar 1, 2012
These medical breakthroughs represent years and years of research from the world's most innovative and educated doctors, physicians, surgeons and scientists. Thanks to these individuals who have committed their lives to transforming medical technology, health care and cancer research, millions of lives will be saved in the future.

These medical breakthroughs include new state of the art technologies, revolutionary machines and tools as well as discoveries about the human body.

While these medical breakthroughs will not solve each and every health problem and obstacle burdening the world's populations, advancements in technology such as those achieved by Dr. Quyen Nguyen have the potential to change the way doctors operate on patients in the OR. She and her team of researchers have developed a technology that enables doctors and surgeons to effectively remove cancerous tumors properly in only one procedure.

Outside the hospital, Nathan Wolfe is creating a software that is capable of tracking pandemic diseases and forecasting potential outbreaks, a breakthrough that will allow governments to effectively protect its residents.

These medical breakthroughs offer hope and inspiration for a healthier future for all of humanity.