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From the Power of Perspective to Keeping Your Message Simple

 - Jun 19, 2014
These marketing tips come from the leaders of some of the world's most iconic brands as well as people who have worked closely with these individuals. From Steve Jobs to Tory Burch and Rory Sutherland, these speakers have marketed both products and services that have completely transformed industries.

The speeches by Ogilvy's Rory Sutherland are not only entertaining and engaging, but they also prove easily applicable tips to any type of marketing, branding and advertising. His most valuable piece of information is to market something to someone based on what they value. What's most important to one person is likely going to differ from the next.

Allison Johnson, who worked directly under Steve Jobs in the marketing department, firmly believes in the power of a simple message. She also believes that a company should only invest in advertising a product that is truly going to change someone's life.

Jonathan Mildenhall, who works as the VP of Global Advertising Strategy at Coca-Cola, emphasizes storytelling as one of the strongest marketing techniques. A product and brand must tell a story which which consumers can relate.

These marketing tips come from top-tier performers across a variety of industries including tech, beverage and fashion.