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From Mapping the Modern World to Bringing Cartography to Life

 - Nov 1, 2013
These innovative map presentations explore the technology has had on mapping breakthroughs. The rise of the digital movement and social media has shone the spotlight on maps more than ever before.

The speech by Lalitesh Katragadda is an eye-opening discussion on the work of Google volunteers to improve the well-being of developing nations through mapping. The speaker reveals that as of 2005, only 15% of the world was properly mapped. This is devastating when disaster strikes because it is more difficult to deliver emergency aid to those in need. In just under four days, volunteers at Goolge mapped over 123,000 kilometers of road and over 3,000 hospitals and relief stations.

One of the most interesting speeches comes from Brian McLendon who discusses the evolution of Google maps. One of the standout point made during this presentation is that Google Maps can operate as a crowdsourced collaboration.

The map presentations demonstrate how far mapping has come.