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From Ignorance as Bliss to Quantifying Intelligence

 - May 25, 2014
These intelligence presentations explore the ways humans think and the human brain. Examining the thought process, the characteristics of a genius and human intelligence, these talks do a very thorough job of covering different elements of the topic.

One of the most interesting speeches comes from theoretical physicist Michio Kaku who talks about the "clueless nerd" stereotype that is often referenced in popular culture, particularly film. He explains that this "clueless" quality associated with some of the smartest people in the world is actually linked to autism. Some of the most famously intelligent people such as Einstein and Newton suffer from a mild form of autism.

The speech by Alex Wissner-Gross introduces the scientist and inventor's formula for measuring the intelligence of a human and a machine.

Video game enthusiasts will find Gabe Zichermann's speech very interesting. The speaker makes a case for video games playing a significant role in making people smarter. Video games exercise the parts of the brain linked to problem solving, creativity and challenging yourself.

Although the topics of these intelligence presentations differ from one another, they serve as useful sources for those interested in the ways human think.