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From Women in the Workforce to Honest and Equal Opportunity

 - Sep 14, 2014
Gender and technology is a topic on which the majority of people hold strong opinions. It is no secret that men outnumber women in the tech world and this collection of speeches aims to explore why. Hearing from people within Silicon Valley, sociologists and entrepreneurs, these talks not only identify key problem areas, they also offer solutions.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is featured here more than once. As one of the leaders of the world's most powerful social network, Sandberg is also a huge champion of workplace equality and female advancement in technology. She argues that women and men are conditioned believe women are not capable of being as successful as men. As leaders, managers and CEOs, they are too often portrayed as weak, vulnerable or too bossy.

Consultant John Hagel believes that Silicon Valley has evolved into an environment in which only the "male archetype" -- tough, ruthless, emotionless -- can succeed. If people became more open to different types of leadership and work styles, women -- and men who may not follow the male archetype -- would be more visible.

Gender and technology is a fascinating and complex topic with which these speakers address very well.