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From Technology Ecosystems to Laps as Cell Phones

 - Mar 7, 2013
Whether approached by view of the iPhone, the BlackBerry, mobile apps or social media, the evolution of the cell phone is especially fascinating and continues to transform the way the world does business and the way it communicates. These carefully curated speeches reflect the many ways the cell phone has evolved. Universally referred to as the smartphone nowadays, the device is used for much more than calls and text messaging.

The keynote during which Steve Jobs introduces the iPhone for the first time is excellent example of this. Bringing together the brand's music software, personal computing device and a cell phone, the iPhone was truly a revolutionary moment for cellular mobile devices.

Google's Eric Schmidt and Domino's Don Meij discuss the relevance of smartphones in brand marketing and advertising. The cell phone now serves as a platform for marketing campaigns, online shopping and advertising.