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From Women and the Economy to Cautious Economic Optimism

 - Apr 4, 2013
These economy-focused keynotes spotlight a variety of economists, market experts, politicians and professionals in finance. While some of the speeches serve as warnings, others offer solutions to the problems faced by many of today's markets. Additionally, some speeches introduce alternative currencies like experience and environmental resources.

One of the more notable speeches here comes from Halla Tomasdottir, the co-founder of Audur Capital. Having weathered her company through the economic crisis in Iceland, she shares her opinions on how other companies can do the same. She believes that economies and markets can benefit through the application of stereotypical "feminine values" such as honesty, emotional capital and risk-awareness.

Journalist Adam Davidson offers an interesting discussion on partisan politics in relation to the most recent financial crisis in the United States. He argues that people are labeling themselves incorrectly when it comes to their partisan preference on fiscal matters. All Americans, he believes, are pragmatic centrists where financial issues are concerned, thus creating dead-ends when voting for Democrats or Republicans to manage the situation.

Other topics here include the role of government in economic issues as well as the potential of a future market dominated by robots.