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These Presentations Focus on Various Creative Career Paths

 - Aug 14, 2013
The speeches found in this collection examine a variety of creative career paths, from writing to directing. Many of these careers are entertainment based. The focus of many of these speeches is the process behind these creative career choices, including song writing and tips for sparking creativity.

Director Julie Taymor's keynote focuses on her works in film, theater and opera. Taymor states that most people in creative job positions are motivated by the need to entertain others, rather than money or fame.

Beat-boxer Tom Thum discusses turning interests and passions into careers in his speech on creativity. Thum travels the world entertaining people using only his voice. He enjoys what he does and preaches about the positive effects that music can have on children.

Well-known author Margaret Atwood talks about her creative process in her writing keynote. Atwood says that for writers, ideas come easily (though they are often daring and bizarre). She says that if one is not motivated to write, or experiences frequent writer's block, then they are not a writer at heart.

These intriguing speeches offer tips for success in creative career paths, while exploring what makes someone a good fit for these jobs.