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From The Power of Perspective to The Nature of Choice

 - Sep 28, 2012
This collection of speeches on the brain and decisions features insights from some of the world's leading psychologists. These speeches discuss how a human makes a decision, the different factors playing a role in that process and how brands and marketers can tap into this information to benefit their companies.

Discussing topics such as the freedom of choice, the influence of perspective and why someone commits more evil deeds than the next person, these speakers present fascinating statistics and share shocking results of tests and experiments.

Dan Ariely, one of the most interesting and revolutionary psychologists of today, explores human decision-making and irrational behavior in his keynotes. His speeches highlight the different short-cuts the human brain will take and why it often ends up making an illogical decision.

Advertising guru Rory Sutherland explains how the way something is framed can completely transform the way it is perceived or valued.

Speakers such as Alan Deutschman and Barry Schwartz explain why some people today struggle to make decisions and why they are unable to change their behavior despite knowing the harm it may or may not cause.

These speeches on the brain and decisions explore the way the human mind has evolved over time and how concepts such as rationality, evil and creativity are shaped.