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From Embracing Weirdness to Keeping Motivation Alive

 - Nov 16, 2014
These curated presentations discuss the best strategies and motivations for achieving excellence in all areas of life. Spotlighting experts from a variety of industries -- like Apple's Philip Schiller, astronaut Rick Searfoss and Keith Yamashita -- these speeches offer many perspectives and insights.

The most interesting speech comes from Kinda Wilson who encourages her audience to view their perceived weirdness as a good thing -- as a tool even, to help them attain success. While people tend to feel inferior when they are labelled as weird or freakish, these are the traits that will actually take people to the top as they will stand out and be able to offer others something truly original and unique.

She concludes her speech by reminding the audience that everyone has excellence within them, a point that appropriately summarizes the main point of this course.