The Ninet Diapers Ultra Absorbent Campaign is Hilariously Surreal

By: Meghan Young - Apr 30, 2013
References: ibelieveinadv
The Ninet Diapers Ultra Absorbent ad campaign may seem like it was inspired by Dr. Evil's little pet, Mini-Me, from the film 'Austin Powers,' but it simply illustrates just how comfortable this brand of nappies are. It reads, "The diaper you'd wear if you were in her [or his] diaper." Hence, the superimposed faces of the new mom and dad on a couple of baby bodies is hilarious and clever.

Conceived and executed by Spectacular Holistic Circus, an ad agency based in Lima, Peru, the Ninet Diapers Ultra Absorbent ad campaign was art directed by Jorge Rocca with creative direction by Juan Carlos Gómez de la Torre. The surreal images were shot by photographers Daniel Ducato and Andrés Alfaro with copy by Luis Alonso Vega.