The Sticker Project Icon Label Plug Stickers Identify Electronics

By: Michael Hemsworth - Dec 29, 2016
References: thestickerproject & thegadgetflow
Knowing what's okay to unplug versus what isn't when you approach the power bar just got a whole lot easier thanks to the Sticker Project Icon Label Plug Stickers. Coming with a series of very specific sticker labels, the icon sticker pack consists of virtually every kind of electronic that you would or could find within the average home.

The stickers allow users to go through and put a label on every item that requires being plugged in in order to operate to ensure that everyone knows what's what.

The Sticker Project Icon Label Plug Stickers work to help users know what they should unplug, what they shouldn't as well as identifying a cord they might want or require to cut down on guesswork.