The Beados Gems Friendship Jewelry Kit Includes Ample Supplies

By: Michael Hemsworth - Apr 7, 2016
References: beadosbeads
The Beados Gems Friendship Jewelry Kit comes complete with everything kids will need to make friendship accessories for each other. Packed with 400 Gems, the kit includes a bracelet and two rings with design templates to follow to create customized jewelry pieces.

The Beados Gems kit works by having the orientation of the gems laid out on a template; when sprayed with water, the beads will permanently stick together. Being that they don't require any glue or adhesive, the kit can be used by kids as young as four.

The Beados Gems Friendship Jewelry Kit allows girls to create jewelry for one another based off of the different templates. The process and the final products help to establish a stronger bond between young children.