The Garmin 'DriveSmart' 70 NA LMT GPS Device is a Comprehensive Solution

By: Michael Hemsworth - Feb 29, 2016
References: amzn & 7gadgets
Many drivers are opting for their smartphone it comes to in-car navigation, but the Garmin 'DriveSmart' 70 NA LMT GPS device looks to make this a less appealing option.

Packed with a number of innovative features, the Garmin 'DriveSmart' 70 NA LMT GPS unit will alert users of things to be aware of on the road ahead (curves, school zones etc.). One of the best features of the Garmin 'DriveSmart' 70 NA LMT GPS device is the 'Real Directions' functionality. Rather than offering robotic directions, the technology can tell you to look out for landmarks and traffic lights for easier navigation.

Naturally, the Garmin 'DriveSmart' 70 NA LMT connects to your smartphone to keep you informed of calls, texts and other notifications to discourage phone use during drives.