Stride's Face the Cow Competition Seeks the Best Chewer

By: Kevin Young - Published: • References: stridegum and ibelieveinadv
Stride is known for its long lasting taste of gum and has created an online competition called 'Face the Cow' to seek the best chewer.

Stride customers can retrieve a code on a pack of purchased gum and enter it on to the website to be in a competition to see who can beat out a cow in chewing. Cows are known to be gentle animals munching on grass non-stop, chewing for what seems like their entire lives. Stride strives to find its chewing champion who can mush food like a cow by holding a video competition online. Competitors are required to not move and continually chew while being recorded. The best chewer will win and be featured on Stride's site.

This is a quirky and clever way of advertising where Stride incorporates public interaction to get more attention to its product.