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Some people think I'm strange when I say: If I have to die one more time today, I'm going to lose it!

Then they find out that I'm a video game tester and it all makes sense. Seriously though, I have a great job that allows me to do the impossible on a daily basis and still get paid for it. In an average day I die hundreds and hundreds of times, I train to perform the most amazing acrobatic feats or dance moves the world has ever seen, I perform complicated magic spells with nothing more than the tips of my fingers, I take out complicated enemy headquarters or targets using weapons of mass-destruction with the precision and skill of a hired gun, I make and lose fortunes with the the blink of an eye, I drive fast cars, use bizarre weapons, and become someone else all in an effort to take a video game to it's breaking point. It's great to hear your boss tell you We won't be happy unless you break it!

In my other life, the Trendhunter side of it, I write the craziest things (all true mind you!) that always amaze me people actually read! 90% of the trends I write about are based on how much I like or love the idea or concept I've just read about. So if you were to try and define who I am, I'm a little bit of every trend I write: Crazy, Off-The-Wall, Unbelievable, Weird, Thoroughly Enjoyable and otherwise Slightly Goofy!