From Wild Cat Jewelry to Blinged Button Bracelets

By: Katie Pagnotta - Published:
The reviews are in on Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor in Liz and Dick and although her performance was lackluster, Taylor’s jewels still shined.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor was a a goddess among Hollywood and her acting, relationships and fashion choices were always in the headlines. Taylor was famously married a record eight times and accumulated a magnificent jewelry collection. Taylor’s style wasn't merely about beauty, but about decadence and opulence. She constantly wore diamonds, designer pieces and spent obscene sums on one-of-a-kind accessories. Taylor’s essence and style has influenced jewelry makers and bedazzled beauties all over the world.

Gold and sparkle epitomizes Taylor and she will always remain a source of inspiration for glam looks. Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor was able to live in the life of celebrity style icon, even if only momentarily.