From Savory Creature Lollipops to Cholesterol-Boosting Burgers

By: Susan Keefe - Published:
Chicken may seem ho hum, but these curious chicken concoctions may just change your mind about this pedestrian poultry. From home cooked family dinners, to fancy soirees, to a greasy fast food counter, no matter where you wind up it is never a surprise to see chicken on the menu. A basic staple for many cuisines, chicken is a flavor that is immediately recognized the world over.

Due to its widespread popularity, chicken has been cooked and served up in a number of odd and delicious incarnations. From waffle chicken wings to chicken-topped cupcakes, there is no end to the parade of perplexing poultry dishes. If you're a lover of all things chicken, you're sure to love this eyebrow-raising collection of curious chicken concoctions.

Odd yet strangely familiar, these bizarre poultry dishes will always taste just like chicken, not matter how funky the recipe.