From 3D Printed Headpieces to Haute Glamor Westerner Caps

By: Jessica Marren - Published:
If you’re looking for an original way to incorporate more strange and wonderful fashion into your wardrobe try out one of these avant garde hats. These interesting head toppers are a fun and fashionable way to take your style to new levels.

If you’re having a bad hair day or if you’re just looking for a new accessory, these fun avant garde hats are a perfect addition to your accessory collection. Avant garde hats are structurally strong and shaped to fit your head to bring your style to new heights. From image-projecting top hats to mad hatter-inspired toppers, there is no shortage of the crazy hat styles available.

The next time you are attending a formal affair or you want to obnoxiously stand out while walking down the street, put on one of these avant garde hats and prepare to get noticed.