Todd Buchholz

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Todd Buchholz is a concise and informative thinker on the acceleration rate in business markets. As a professor of Economics at Harvard, he has the opportunity to develop contemporary ideologies on the modern processes within economics. He makes a strong argument that the key to success is constantly working through tomorrow's technology, market and consumer.

Buchholz opens his speech with an analyses of the cliche 'here today; gone tomorrow.' He argues that this phrase is transforming with the times, and has become 'here today; gone today.' The rate of change in the field of technology is accelerating faster than marketing and business processes. Buchholz makes an effective argument that businesses cannot depend on the products or resources from yesterday. Businesses will quickly fall behind if depending too heavily on past technologies. When the general population has a strong understanding and influence in these realms, with platforms such as social media, businesses must be at pace.