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Templin Grandin

Templin Grandin Keynotes - The Temple Grandin speeches investigate the broad topic of different levels of both intelligence and... Need Inspiration?

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Featuring a variety of personal experiences and fascinating anecdotes, this Temple Grandin keynote touches on the many different ways an autistic mind functions.

Beginning her speech by discussing the massive continuum of intelligence that exists for autistic individuals -- from being unable to speak to pure brilliancy -- she explains how she owes so much of her success in life to thinking in pictures.

She goes on to discuss pattern thinkers and verbal thinkers. She explains how important it is for the world to recognize the value in the world's diversity of minds because too many skills and qualities from children who are perceived as 'geeky' or 'nerdy' are being overlooked. Hearing from a woman like Temple Grandin who suffers from autism but is so determined and successful is truly uplifting and inspiring.