Paul Zak

Paul Zak Keynotes - The keynotes by Paul Zak offer unique insight into the brain chemistry of morality, revealing the... Need Inspiration?

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Paul Zak started his career as a professor at the Claremont Graduate University, exploring neuroeconomics and the complexity of morality. His work combines the often strange nature of human behavior with business concepts, applicable to both personal and professional levels of curiosity. His perspective of behavioral psychology incorporates his extensive knowledge of economics.

In his engaging speech, Paul Zak discusses the science of trust. Addressing an intimate audience, Zak argues that trust is a highly visual practice. The reciprocation of trust heightens levels of oxytocin in the body, creating a tangible level of trust. Oxytocin affects the levels of emotion on a second by second basis. Zak says that trust goes beyond a moral attribute or a gut instinct, but is also a chemical reaction.