Cary Fowler

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There are approximately 120 thousand different varieties of rice which have evolved over the years, and in this sustainability keynote, Dr. Cary Fowler talks about his mission to protect the seeds we need to continue life on Earth.

Because the world is constantly changing, adaptation is a necessary requirement for survival. This serves true for all life forms including plants which explains the importance of diversity in crops.

The need for crop diversity is stronger than ever. Water shortages and climate change is drastically altering the environment in which the crops we regularly consume need to grow. This change intensifies the global need for seeds that have been mortified and can thrive in our new, warmer climate.

Agricultural crops around the world are one of the most endangered natural resources and in this sustainability keynote Dr. Cary Fowler shares what he is doing to ensure that we can continue to harvest the foods that we so desperately depend on.