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Seth Mattison

Seth Mattison Keynotes - Keynotes by Seth Mattison are extremely helpful in terms of bridging generational gaps, particularly... Need Inspiration?

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Keynote speaker and Gen-Y expert Seth Mattison addresses the common misconceptions aimed at millennials from older members of the work force. Mattison describes a common tension and lack of communication existing between two varying generations within a corporate setting, explaining boomers' common belief that young professionals are aiming to become their replacement.

Instead of seeing this emerging and powerful generation as team members, boomers are often seeing them as threats. The speaker believes that these common misconceptions along with unrealistic expectations lead to conflict and stall productivity and innovation.

Because of their different upbringing, interests and age, many generational gaps exist between the millennial and baby boomer generations and Seth Mattison stresses that common ground can exist but only by communicating and clearing up false misconceptions.