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Jennifer Corriero

Jennifer Corriero Keynotes - Jennifer Corriero's keynotes display her impressive knowledge of the current state of both health... Need Inspiration?

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Jennifer Corriero is the co-founder of TakingItGlobal and one of today's most inspirational leaders for youth. Her speech focuses on the different ways today's youth can utilize technology and different social networking platforms to become leaders in the online community. Jennifer Corriero shares personal stories of the inspiring young people she has met throughout her life and offers examples of the ways today's young generations are influencing the world. She argues that adult educators have the responsibility to embrace and encourage children and teenagers to take the steps towards accomplishing their dreams and goals. Jennifer Corriero believes that leadership exists in many different forms, and it is important to focus on converging them. She maintains that youth can use technology to bring ideas together and to kick-start a revolution of strong, proactive leaders today.