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Dale Nitschke Keynotes - Dale Nitschke's keynote speeches draw from his extensive retail expertise and explore techniques for... Need Inspiration?

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This brief retail innovation keynote speech by Dale Nitschke spotlights the different ways big-name companies and brands such as Dell and Best Buy are fine-tuning their internal innovation methods.

As Nitschle explains, most companies struggle with innovation because they are unable to organize internally and commit to supporting a plan or goal over the long term. The uncertainty of innovation-based plans for the future leaves employees skeptical and unwilling to look beyond the next quarter.

Following a brief clip with senior executives from Dell and Best Buy, Nitschke touches on the growing importance of customer-managed experiences, which are largely driven by companies like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The pull of the consumer in a push market today is becoming more and more important. Companies need to incorporate consumers into their innovation platforms today more than ever.