Rebecca Mackinnon

Rebecca Mackinnon Keynotes - The speeches by Rebecca Mackinnon delve into the future of Internet use and whether it will be... Need Inspiration?

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In this engaging Rebecca MacKinnon keynote, the journalist and Internet freedom activist issues an important call to action that asks us to stop viewing ourselves as passive users of technology, instead embracing ourselves as "netizens," responsible citizens of the Internet. As championed in her recent book 'The Network of the Consented,' MacKinnon believes that we deserve a democracy-compatible Internet.

Drawing on her experience as the head of the CNN bureaus in China and Japan, MacKinnon ascertains that copies of everything we do online exist and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. MacKinnon's vision of Internet freedom is something that is being echoed throughout many academic and media circles, and is a reflection of legislation appearing before governments internationally aimed at censoring online use.