Peter Weijmarshausen

Peter Weijmarshausen Keynotes - The Peter Weijmarshausen speeches explore the advantages and disadvantages of mass product... Need Inspiration?

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Consumers like feeling unique; it’s an important factor that goes into their buying process as is discussed by Peter Weijmarshausen in his personalized value speech.

Consumers are becoming more frequently involved in the types of products that are created for them; they become involved in the design aspects of a product. Mass-producing is a practice in many companies, but that standard practice is also hindering the consumer experience. Mass produced goods aren’t unique and the consumers aren’t able to express themselves or resonate with those products. The sought-after commodity of individuality is lost when every other consumer has the exact same product.

Changing aspects of production to provide consumers with a more customizable experience and product will generate more, says Weijmarshausen.