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Mike Germano

Mike Germano Keynotes - Mike Germano's keynotes revolve around the ever-growing world of social media and its increasing... Need Inspiration?

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Mike Germano discusses the importance of social media when it comes to employment and projects. New media sources are replacing traditional ones, impacting advertising, employment and the relevance of a company or specific product.

Mike Germano explains advertising's ability to send a tailored message as opposed to public relations, which is based on harnessing the exact information one is trying to put out. With social media, large media outlets like newspapers are being replaced by smaller sources. Websites, blogs and social media platforms are causing individuals to become their own media outlets.

Valuable information is shared through individuals who link, like and follow information, promoting it without the help of larger outlets. Smaller individual sources are taking over media and are likely to cause the inevitable end of magazines and newspapers.