Michio Kaku

Michio Kaku Keynotes - The speeches by Michio Kaku discuss the future of human evolution, and cover some of the most...

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Michio Kaku is known as a popularizer of science, engaging his audiences with humorous anecdotes and perspectives. Moving past the sometimes dry, analytical side of science, Kaku shares a piece of history with his audience. He discusses the history of women snubbed by the scientific community.

Kaku analyzes the concept of dark matter, an idea of matter which acts to hold the universe together. In the 1960s, Veera Ruben conceptualized the idea of dark matter, but was ruthlessly disregarded for being female. Again in 1960, Jocelyn Bell discovered the pulsar. Her thesis advisor allowed the world to believe that he had pioneered this project and eventually won the Nobel prize.

Though the sexist nature of the history of discovery is negative, Kaku ends humorously. He encouraging those with big ideas to keep them close.