Kyung Yoon

Kyung Yoon Keynotes - The Kyung Yoon keynotes discuss the value of having female leaders in both professional and business... Need Inspiration?

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In this insightful video, non-profit executive Kyung Yoon tells what she believes makes having a professional network of women valuable for female leaders. She explains that by getting a group of women together professionally, they can relate to each other and come together as a form of sisterhood to try and level the balance of power between men and women in the workplace. She also reveals how by forming a network of this variety that it could be beneficial because each woman may take an invested interest in trying to help advance the career of a fellow colleague.

In this thought-provoking conversation with Kyung Yoon, Yoon demonstrates the virtues of empowering those you work closely with and shows how this can make for employees with stronger skills.