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Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly Keynotes - The evolution of technology and cultural change have been the overarching themes addressed over the... Need Inspiration?

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The Kevin Kelly keynote offers some highly fascinating -- and important -- facts about the Web. Beginning his speech with the statement that the Web is only 5,000 days old, he reminds the audience that no one could have predicted its modern presence and role ten years ago. What people have to learn from this, he argues, is that we have to get better in believing in the impossible.

He describes the Web and the Internet as one giant machine and one of the greatest to ever exist on the planet. In over 5,000 days, the machine has never failed or broken down, functioning with no interruptions.

With over 1,000 billion clicks per day, two million emails per second and 55 trillion existing links, the Web will exceed humanity in processing power by 2040. Kelly believes that this poses three consequences including embodiment, re-structuring and dependence. The Kevin Kelly keynote spotlights the increasing dependence humans will have on the Web and what this means for society.