Joe Stump

Joe Stump Keynotes - The Joe Stump keynotes examine how the process of getting older helps fight social pressures, while... Need Inspiration?

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In this insightful video keynote with Joe Stump, the Internet entrepreneur and SimpleGeo CTO discusses how age has humbled him and helped him understand who he actually is. By relieving the pressure of trying to meet other people’s expectations, he noticed that his life generally improved. He mentions that when you become more successful in a role, a lot of the feelings of envy start to fade away.

Although social pressure gets easier as you progress through your career, Joe tells his viewers that, for him, what has gotten more tough is the realization that he may not have enough time to do the things that we would like to do in his life. In this interesting talk, Joe Stump shares the virtues and vices of success through his personal experiences.