Jihyun Ryou

Jihyun Ryou Keynotes - The keynotes by Jihyun Ryou focus on relationships with food, wasting less and conserving more...

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Jihyun Ryou is a designer and artist with a passion for knowledge development. After graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven, Ryou became fascinated with the responsibility we give technology. Through her 'Save Food From the Fridge' project, she confronts human alienation from other living things.

Ryou introduces her Save Food From the Fridge project with endearing passion. She argues that while humans may always consider food, we hold no understanding of it. Humans leave the preservation of food up to technology, namely, fridges. To bring attention to the oral knowledge of food preservation, Ryou designed the 'Knowledge Shelves.' She hopes that through a better relationship with food, humans may be able to waste less and conserve more energy.

Mere design can bring forth contemplation, allowing objects to make unveil otherwise disregarded knowledge.