Howard Putnam

Howard Putnam Keynotes - Howard Putnam's keynotes reflect a keen intellect of modern business. As a graduate from the... Need Inspiration?

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Howard Putnam is a highly dedicated and ambitious entrepreneur. Starting as a baggage handler at the Midway Airport, Putnam became the CEO of Southwest Airlines. During his speech, he references his book 'The Winds of Turbulence,' touching on the ethics of major corporations and the moral responsibilities of leaders.

The concept of vision is undeniably valuable in all aspects of business. Putnam argues that if businesses selling a product or a service, they will be known as a vendors. While this may allow for success, it won't allow for exceeding in the global markets. If a company sells a vision or an experience, it is ultimately creating a branded relationship with its consumer. Revitalizing the company experience will not only benefit profit, but also the company employee satisfaction.